Using Digital Advertising to Inform Your Print Decisions

On September 25, 2018, Quest Digital's Director of Digital Strategy, John Daters, spoke on "Using Digital Marketing To Improve Print Marketing" for the Michigan Association of CVBs.

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By John Daters


John Daters

Director of Digital Strategy

John has diverse experience in digital marketing, spanning from website management to digital sales to SEO. He leads the strategic plans for all Quest Digital projects and ensures that they are built on a data-driven foundation with specific goals and measurables. Contact: or 216-377-3639.

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Too many marketers have an either/or mindset when it comes to print and digital. These marketing channels are not mutually exclusive, nor does the demise of one mean the rise of the other. Instead, today’s marketers should stop focusing on the medium and remember to focus on the message.

We use print for advertising and marketing to reach an audience and send a message, the same is true with digital. But as any casual observer can tell you, consumers are not limiting themselves to a single engagement channel, instead, they’re splitting their attention between marketing channels, where both print and digital coincide.

Imagine embracing digital and print as a unified front in digital messaging. Instead of starving one channel to feed another, look at how they interact with one another. Print still carries a large, targeted audience footprint, don’t forsake that user base completely. Instead, get smart about your ad buys and marketing material with data. Data taken from digital ads is readily available, testable, repeatable and highly informative when it comes to understanding user engagement. I’ll show you how to set up your digital strategy to leverage your offline brand more efficiently and marry your messaging across platforms.

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