Ripple Effect to Present at Innovate New Albany

John Daters, Quest Digital's Director of Digital Strategy, spoke on August 7, 2018 to the New Albany business incubator - Innovate New Albany.

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By John Daters


John Daters

Director of Digital Strategy

John has diverse experience in digital marketing, spanning from website management to digital sales to SEO. He leads the strategic plans for all Quest Digital projects and ensures that they are built on a data-driven foundation with specific goals and measurables. Contact: or 216-377-3639.

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John Daters, Quest Digital's Director of Digital Strategy spoke at Innovate New Albany, a business incubator for small to medium-sized businesses in New Albany, Ohio. The seminar revolved around a variety of digital marketing topics that directly impact a variety of SMBs. From how to leverage free software to how to spend your time and money on effective strategies, we'll dive into best practices and real-world examples.

More about Innovate New Albany:

Innovate New Albany is the city’s incubator for technology startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. From venture capital to human capital, Innovate New Albany enables business startups to access and leverage an unmatched level of resources to power growth. It is a one-stop shop where government, area businesses, venture capitalists, and private agencies come together to provide the guidance, expertise, and services that new businesses need to succeed. 

Visit the Innovate New Albany website.

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