Shifting Your Marketing Techniques Through Voice Search

John Daters, Quest Digital's Director of Digital Strategy, presented at the Ohio Travel Association's annual conference at Cedar Point on September 26, 2018.

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By John Daters


John Daters

Director of Digital Strategy

John has diverse experience in digital marketing, spanning from website management to digital sales to SEO. He leads the strategic plans for all Quest Digital projects and ensures that they are built on a data-driven foundation with specific goals and measurables. Contact: or 216-377-3639.

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Voice search is proving to be a disruptor in online search. From wayfinding to quick queries and even in-depth research, it’s expected that by 2020 nearly 50% of all searches will be voice-activated. Today’s travel and leisure customer is ever-more likely to start and/or supplement their digital search with a question to Siri, Alexa or Google. With voice search rising in usage and adoption, coupled with a savvy traveler that wants the immediacy of a result with the simplicity of a single-source response - often independent of a screen-based result - how does your brand and location stay relevant and accurate? We’ll explore how voice search results work, what’s expected from users, and emerging strategies you can employ today to rank for this growth-oriented search trend.

Presentation Covered:

  • Answer the Question: Is voice search something marketers should consider today?
  • How users interact with voice search/What their intent and expectations are
  • Voice search device comparisons (Alexa vs Google Home vs Cortana)
  • Practical applications and the interconnectivity of voice search/How travel marketers can leverage voice search
  • How to set up your digital presence to capture voice search
  • The future of voice search

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