2018 Focus on Tourism Workshops

Quest Digital spoke on June 28 in Cincinnati for the Ohio Travel Association about the key differences between SEO and SEM.

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By John Daters


John Daters

Director of Digital Strategy

John has diverse experience in digital marketing, spanning from website management to digital sales to SEO. He leads the strategic plans for all Quest Digital projects and ensures that they are built on a data-driven foundation with specific goals and measurables. Contact: jdaters@questdigital.com or 216-377-3639.

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Quest Digital was on the road on June 28 to the Cincinnati Art Museum to present at the Ohio Travel Association's 2018 Focus on Tourism Workshop. The topic was "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs Search Engine Marketing (SEM): What’s the Difference and What’s Important."

This session was for those who wanted to demystify search engine marketing and search engine optimization in order to get a firm grasp of digital opportunities. Participants learned the necessary basics and best practices of when to pay for online ads and when to improve your website for page-one positioning through natural search. Whether their goal was to implement their own online strategy or to be better prepared when speaking with an agency, this session taught attendees how to move forward in an often complicated digital environment. Free tools and case studies were offered alongside real-time website audits to help participants build their digital channels.

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